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Our Vision

Crescent Siren is a hand-poured candle company whose mission is to promote self- care while preserving our planet Earth. Our products are mindfully handcrafted with close attention to detail and with the finest quality materials.

Our candles will allow you to indulge in the bliss of physical and mental wellbeing you deserve while making a conscious choice for the ecosystem. Our conscientious approach includes providing you with organic, vegan,


cruelty free, ethically sourced, and non-toxic products.We love transparency, therefore we have listed the list of products we use for all candles here.

When you purchase Crescent Siren you are also protecting the environment, as a percentage of the proceeds are donated to a conservation center. Click here to learn more about Hoja Nueva Conservation Center.

About the Founder, Mariel Whitney

Born and raised in Peru, Mariel spent most of the time contemplating the beauty of the ocean and all the life that surrounded it. Often misunderstood by her advocacy for animals from a young age, she always dreamed to be able to make positive change and inspire others to understand the importance of loving and respecting our flora and fauna. 

"It brings me joy to know that the love and dedication I put into making each candle brings happiness and well-being to people, and helps the environment at the same time".

In the future, Mariel aspires to have an animal sanctuary and a no-kill shelter for animals in her hometown in Florida.

About Mariel
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