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A Donation With Every Purchase

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Hoja Nueva conservation center 


Donating to a common cause

Crescent Siren's mission is to promote kindness and sustainability — finding long term solutions for a more conscious ways to improve the quality of life for all living beings and giving our future generations the planet Earth they deserve. We take pride on the fact that all of our products are organic, vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced. However, we want to do more to create an impactful change for both the planet and our communities. For this reason, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to Hoja Nueva Conservation Center in the jungles on the Peruvian Rainforest.

Hoja Nueva 

Hoja Nueva is a non-profit whose mission is to confront deforestation and defaunation in the Peruvian Amazon. This organization strategically acquires conservation lands, builds health centers and income opportunities within indigenous communities, implements rigorous scientific research, and rescues, rehabilitates and reintroduces threatened species to the wild.

They consult and cooperate with local governments and departments, as well as agricultural associations and NGOs to ensure sustainable development while maintaining healthy forests, creating a future where both humans and nature can thrive.


Hoja nueva also works with migrant communities that practice large-scale slash and burn agriculture, which diminishes biodiversity by causing habitat destruction and fragmentation. Hoja Nueva’s sustainable cacao agroforestry farms mitigate the environmental impact caused by these practices, empowering migrant farmers to transition to sustainable practices and obtain fair wages.


Why Hoja Nueva


As an all-natural company, Crescent Siren strives to live and work in harmony with the earth. Fundamentally, it’s our belief that if we want to insight the changes needed to continue healing and living in harmony with this planet, we need to help educate and expose as much the public to the importance of the environment to all of us.

In donating to Hoja Nueva we aim to contribute with the conservation of the Earth’s rainforests. Protecting the Amazon rainforest is vital to the planet’s survival. However, more on-site research is necessary in coupled human-environment systems in the Amazon’s changing landscapes, in addition to biodiverse, healthy rainforests.

To learn more of Hoja Nueva, please visit their website.

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